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     In order to create first-class fishingreel technology, Haibo fishingreel industry  actively introduce and absorb international well known fishingreel customers of advanced modeling technology and manufacture technology ,setting up R&D. institution, cultivating and absorbing advanced Science and technology talent ,settiing up a series of Programmed accurate R&D. and manufacture procedure with new product market research ,demand analyse ,program plan, target Refinement, manufacture management ,customer feedback etc.

     The new product development of Haibo fishingreel industry first adopt PRO/E、UG、PROTE etc advanced design software and achieve 3-D design , dynamic balancing analysis, Finite element analysis ,in order to co-operate with R&D. haibo equip Balancing tester , high-speed molding machine , Environmental Testing Equipment, Material tester machine, CMA, gear composite error tester, fishing line Performance Test instrument and so on a series of modern testing equipment .our own R&D of fishing line Performance testing instrument get out of the deficiencies and shortcomings which was bring by many home fishing boat factory always use handcraft testing.

     Since the years, Haibo fishingreel  industry create home fishingreel many item first in new technology ,new material ,new process etc. :first create One-way bearings and widely use in fishing reels filed, first R&D.and manufacture Precision forging line aluminum alloy reels, First develop and manufacture Fishing line aluminum alloy reels, first develop and manufacture BAITCASTING, first manufacture Magnesium alloy wheel fishing line reel. First develop memory Alloy , Functional magnetic materials using , Alumina membrane mediated ring in China ,break the Situation which always import from aboard and control China market, so we fill in China blank .until now haibo has develop over 200 kinds of middle & top grade Fishing reel and possess over 100 kinds of new product and technology.



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